Ms. Sarra Everett, MS, NCC, LPC, has been a counselor since 2012 and is a Nationally Certified Counselor and licensed in the State of Georgia. She provides counseling services to people dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, parenting challenges, pregnancy and postpartum transitions, and relationship issues. She also conducts premarital counseling with couples and specializes in working with young adults transitioning into adulthood. Ms. Everett has spent many years working with clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She has extensive experience identifying, assessing, and treating mild to severe mental health concerns.
Ms. Everett offers clients a nonjudgmental place to work on some of their greatest challenges. As a counselor, Ms. Everett is empathetic, direct and encouraging. She truly believes that the counseling process can enlighten and heal which ultimately facilitates a higher level of functioning and wellbeing. The most important thing to Ms. Everett in a counseling session is for clients to move toward their goals. She strives to keep this tenet at the center of the counseling relationship.

Ms. Everett invites you to visit her website to request or schedule an appointment.