Conquer anxiety, worry, and self-doubt

Find your best path


How we see ourselves is vital to our overall health and well-being.  What we focus on determines our direction.  I help my clients identify and focus on their strengths and empower themselves to find their best path forward through whatever life brings their way.

 Sound familiar?

  • You feel stressed and anxious most of the time
  • You never thought you would ask for help, but life has gotten out of your control
  • You worry daily and replace old worries with new ones
  • You are self-critical to the point of feeling worthless
  • You over-think and over-analyze everything
  • You have achieved so much, but you focus more on what you “should” be doing
  • You say “yes” when you wish you could say “no,” but you do not want to let people down
  • You often don’t feel good enough or that you are measuring up
  • You have a running dialogue with yourself starting with “what if.”
  • You long to have peace of mind, happiness, and purpose

If so, I can help.

I offer therapy for high-achievers, over-thinkers, worriers, and people pleasers who want amazing relationships.

By working together, I can help you empower yourself, rediscover your strengths, remove barriers on your path, and ultimately achieve your goals.

I believe you have the power within yourself to heal your hurts and overcome your fears.  You have the capacity to learn skills, view yourself in a more positive light, and make lasting changes to your life.  Together, we will rediscover and lean heavily on what you already possess within you to help you reach your potential.


We will remove barriers created by past experiences and self-doubt.  The choice is yours, but you will not have to go through it alone.  We will work together to identify your strengths and find your direction. Through counseling you can achieve your life goals for relationships, emotional health, and overall well-being.

WellPath Counseling

Dr. Jennifer Keith

315 West Ponce de Leon Ave, Suite 370

Decatur, GA 30030